This piece is inspired by the prompt “Evolve.” Instead of making the theme about evolution, I’ve decided to express it through the evolution seen in between the first & final drafts.


The mastery called Poetry
Is not seeing common words
And becoming bored because
They're ones you've already heard
But be able to see something new
No matter how many times
The words look at you
For true mastery of Poetry
Is forcing all words to be
Entertaining to you


True Mastery that B Poetry
B not seeing Ạ common Word
As being boring because it
B one which You have oh∿so
Often heard - instead it B
Being able 2 see something
New - Иø∿Matter the amount
Of Times Δ11 of those same
Words look at You, as true
Mastery for Poetry B ÖИ∃'s
Ạbility N forcing any Word
2 become Σntertainment 4 Ü


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