Λ Nü∿ΣИD 2 REMember


A World Awaits 4~Requiem (ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy)

Liminal A.I. Lines

Nobody Expects The Science Inquisition

Imprisoning Divinity

§trange Love

Seven Bees


Special Pain

Lemonade Stands [Иü⌁@®©ΛDΣ]

§ymphony’s §ignature

§cary~Monsters (And Иü~Demons)

Nø Replacement

🌀§pin 2 Win🌀Haiku🌀

Minds Remind The World

Ball∞Breaker⌁Wind (Иü♮§piral§)

|Certainty| ∇See∿SawΔ <Furby Eyez 4BIs> 〘ಠఠ〙


Two Bees Too Cold To Be | [713]

<Иö~Matter> Rhyme~4~Reason

More <Wait> Weight! (Giles Corey)

Strong Alone When With Ü

§trange §uits (Don’t Stall)



§trange Job

A Madness Like Whispers (The Mandela Catalogue)

Neutral Jing (Patience|§tillness|Balance)

names.again|<§weet Dream§>


§üM Weird Friend§ (DHMIS)

Second Time ’round (§till)

Liminal §leep Paralysis (Bone Thrones)

(Refuse 2 [Die) Alone]<Ü, 2 – ИØ>

Idiotic §avant II (öutside View)

Noticing Numbers

You Pass Butter

That §pecial Hug『』(2 of Ü) [polished]

Death Valley Detours

Introduced 2 Zeus

§weet Flower Turning Sour <444> (I hide & I cower)


Man In The Red Chair

Stay Wide Awake

Death of Demeter

<K> goodbye <И> my Love

Atmo§pheric rn~Ü~ʃ~♪~©

Barabbas’ §acrifice


Deja~Vu Voodoo

4 Her

Иü~Girls (R Cute)


Delta R Pyramid (Δ⥀⍋⍋⍋⍋)

Bill Nye Or §uperman И Disguise? (Polkadot Bow Ties)

§wimming 2 America [polished]

El Shaddai (Mongoose) [polished]

Daddy’s Demons

Weird Trip Retrospective (Humility Hindering)

Bye, Kim (Иü≭§ⅱ₦)

Wake 2 Late (On The Western Front)

Checkerboard Painted Nails (Forget Not Her Lies)


Insane 2 Entertain

Flash Floods


Pedestal Prisoners

Made N Heaven (Emporio Experience)

REMember K

The End 2 The Beginning


Deadpool’s Deal

Hard Help

Lucifer-Elect (И<AC/>DC)

Parable of Time’s Wasted Talent§

§trange Lady


Question∾N Quiznos (MMMM…TOASTY!)

Pixar Cars & Airport Bars (Bitter§weet Intermission)

Vain Mainframe (Mad<man’s> World)

Dexter’s Interest

Green Frogs N The Fog

Standing Stoic (On Alien Land)

nø replacement, again

I’m Supposed To Love Ü (Øld Regrets, Nü Perspective)

The Answer

Curiosity N The Phather’s Philosophy

Gods Want Nothing

Thriller Encore

Trust They Know

Self-Righteous Stoicism

Parts Ü Hate

The Nuclear Man


Mid-July 2020 Thought’s [re-upload]

Simple Me

Favorite Memories

Thoughts & Proverbs

B1 50/50

Conversation Pt. 2

Ice-Cream Dreams

A continuation of thoughts on reality, consciousness, and awareness [re-upload]

Fire Hazard

A Conversation: Love And Hate [re-upload]

KID§ Teaching KID§ [polished]

Stupid Smart

Cherry Letters (N §nail Mail)

A.I. Assistance

“I Let This Happen”

Pink Floyd (G-Pass)


§he Keeps Me Going

Concentric Circles

Heather Report

Scary Reflections

§trange Quarks

Pompous Parot

§weet Heat (Warm Üp§)

Where We Meet (EXP & REM)

God’s Short Straw