Strong Alone When With Ü

The Irony of Truth's Hero And Champion is that they Certainly be able to save Small worlds alone & just Strength not numbers, yet Only if when accompanying Good friends in needing 4 Dark days be rescued by 1 Whö is super like Jupiter 'cause to be as strong as Infinity, it be necessary To … Continue reading Strong Alone When With Ü

Texas Hold’em Golems

Those Golems playin' Texas Hold'em Even though Ü told Him Odds R thin But cotton clothes needin' foldin' So bein' foolish by goin' A11 in & Then foldin' when lookin' & seein' Hellish Poker~Face formin' Satan's Sin starin' & a ghoulish cold grin 'til takin' air stairs & ascendin'

Farther Than Far

Ü don't get to know Whö I Am so I don't get to know Whö Ü R nor Implore 4 A11~stars Whö ignored The Minivan as §trange's plan 4 Sending oranges to Weird ranges In Bizarre Cars racing 2 Mars & Going beyond ~ farther than Far

I Am A11 Mü§¡© (4 New ÖDD Ü)

I'm not the Rhythm nor Beat nor A step to a dance nor lyrics in 7 songs ~ I Am A11 Mü§¡© ~ I Am §weet feeling & Whö comes along To do what not EV∃И God thought 1 knew was possible 4 New ÖDD Ü