Normal People Watching

There was this TV show We started watching Quickly realizing It's mirroring§he & MeBut I bailed Around ep.3, for I Could not handle Love Scenes 'cause I could C Where they B leading & My crippling anxietyOvercame Me and Paralyzing I couldn't breath & Hulu again recommend N "Continue Watching" feed Like a year later, … Continue reading Normal People Watching

⌁Go⌁GO∿FLOW! (Loud Noises!)

The difference between Sound & Music B when I Am thinking And hear sounds making noise Distracting Me so kidnapping My §erenity, where as when I Am listening 2, Good Music B More like Movement of a Tree Dancing 2 Blue♬Birds singing 4 Music B, Movement N what I Can C & The Flow carrying … Continue reading ⌁Go⌁GO∿FLOW! (Loud Noises!)

Pillow Talk (FLCL)

Dame's a dime, §he makes Me drooly Fresh & frisky, Now feeling unruly §hiver§ from §he, surge through Me Hurry up goddamnit, and just do Me Else, Will go insane, steam fuming When getting N.O. more Fooly⌁Cooly

Ünderstand I Am, Different (24-Hour Good♡News∞Cycle)

Seeing all of them fake holy People and feeling disgusting Needing to prove I wasn't like These Pseudo∿§pirit∿Scientists & wasn't 'til I stopped Caring About proving I was Different Finally when Ünderstand I Am

Soft✪&✪Wet Machine (Yellow Hazard Profile)

Thick grey fog like that One Smoke∿Monster N Lost Breathing vapor blankets Smokescreen camouflaging The Yellow∿M∃И, changing Soft simulation settings

Multiverse OF Misery (Hylia’s Apology)

Inspiration: "Zelda Forgives You and Understands" by Accidental Antenna This B why You trading Your 20s for Certainty Ü Now B N & refusing 2 Let your §elf becoming That not just here but There or there & where OF Whö Will never hear Because even Brittanys N Nü∿§trange realities Existing alternatively Which B … Continue reading Multiverse OF Misery (Hylia’s Apology)