Green Snake Awaken

Is the Green Snake fake or just Is not yet awake for God's sake So cannot make it across a lake 'cause He's trying to take Jo's Purple Star like 9 Bizarre Cars In GTA missions with tight ETAs & strict guidelines from an EPA Whining about wine & A11 We say

VHS Stress

Tragedy & Comedy all the same To Me when I've seen what Öne Day will be like I'm watching A BD, DVD, or VHS in that VCR Full of stress and screaching While I'm trying to rest like The rest under house arrest & Yet to get dressed to impress

things noticed ...JaguarAunt Jasmine BlanketChair $1,350,000Houston Grass in the trashOld van Limousin Bill & FrancisHouse, car & clothes Comfortable Maria in the middle Phone - MondayElectricity -Magazines in the kitchen Lain sofaFalling cup Ring twice 2 decide Unicycle 1972-1987Just so stories Jungle book Apple juice & pear juiceSamLighting charcoal with a match Lighting many places Fewer … Continue reading things noticed

Tragedy Rhymes (Plagerized Face)

Sick-Time for 6-Times the 6th-Time N9NA's Tragedy Rhymes are reported In deja-Vü lines The Times printed & minted by the intermittent super Intendent who's a guilty defendent In the case of the Plagerized Face