Fresh be my face as I Am Tying red shoelace, so B Ready to run Hermes race Like Bizarre chase to my §trange Fate that formed Inside §weet∞Dream§ ~ oh Wait ~ that's -§till- up 2 debate, so oh-so irate Conglomerate, created by Sea snakes & land sharks For white Sinister∿sheep Who congregate with gray … Continue reading Asylum⌭4


Earned my first clear star Clearing the oh~so low_bar By blowing up Mars driving My §trange purple car like Them Bizarre Adventures of Joestars, racing to become Golden like Steel~Ball~Run Leading to some Soft•&•Wet Fun as •2• unites into ÖИΣ

§trange §uits (Don’t Stall)

Wearing suits with a §trange fit Alright, don't be Weird about it Like pretending you know the End In an attempt to make Иü~friends Nor try hiding in eyes like lies As your disguise leads to demise And so even if a little ödd∿ball Own up to it early ~ don't stall reading §trange §uits (Don’t Stall)