things noticed

Aunt Jasmine
Grass in the trash
Old van
Bill & Francis
House, car & clothes
Maria in the middle
Phone - Monday
Electricity -
Magazines in the kitchen
Lain sofa
Falling cup
Ring twice 2 decide
Unicycle 1972-1987
Just so stories
Jungle book
Apple juice & pear juice
Lighting charcoal with a match
Lighting many places
Fewer North birds
8 oranges, 1 missing in bag
Crate & barrel box
English for 8 years
43 letters
Broken lawn chair
Elephant hole
Wound a cord around a board
2 butterflies, red & blue
Mr. Perfect
Radio, shovel, watch, money, more
Tower of cards
3 levels, 3 more
Bicycle on 6th st, 6th st, 6th st
3 times -> doctor
Lost & found
Glasses & notebooks
Vanilla ice cream
Do & undertake
Cutting onions
Red balloon shrinking
Cake in a hot room
Feeding the ducks every Tuesday
Grinding apples into sauce
Blue Towel wring out
More water with 2
Scared boy clings to leg
Save, main menu
Big Mustard at the supermarket
Basket arms
Peach & strawberry yogurt
Catfish & halibut
Cereal section corn flakes
Forgot check, no card, enough cash
Pumpernickel, wheat & rye
Expensive plums
Cabbages & radishes & carrots
Cabbage soup & cabbage rolls
More fruit = 6 Oranges
2 mushroom, 1 tomato, no onions
Checkout the red shirt
Clear glasses
Tennis elbow
Rags to riches
Poor Plum

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