Silently Smiling

v.2 - (7 Nov. 2022) ÖИΣ's best Way able to Interact with my world Without lying &-§till- Keeping everyone happy Is by always listening Silently while smiling With intrigue, signing To them, so then known You're listening ~ yet Lets there be ∇choiceΔ What they want to hear Inside silence created Like a Mystery so … Continue reading Silently Smiling

Twin~Fission Revision

If you wanna go beyond the pond You have to bond with my Beyöиd By going beyond my young song & Find the actual ΣND to ÖИ∃ long Actualization of the simulation Of ÖИ∃ world of ÖИ∃ nation with A kind congregation that is not On a holy-mission ~ rather Just Prefer Fusion over Twin~Fission … Continue reading Twin~Fission Revision

333: after the wind

after the wind comes the sin & from sin comes Truth's men - all of my Sinners out there now is your time to shine your dark light of Truth onto this world - 'cause after the wind comes the sin & we really need some good men with true experience Inside sin reading 333: after the wind