§trange Job

Working a §trange job writing Words inside of §weet~Dreams Don't even know what they mean Just following the flow I feel Does it matter? Is it real? It doesn't take up space Time seems to misalign & race There's nothing to show But -§till- I know There was something where No one but Me can … Continue reading §trange Job

<Иö~Matter> Rhyme 4 Reason

People like pretending they are Better than my imaginary friendPartying in between paper pagesLike ghosts of Prose performing Иü~Poetry in motion from oceans Just 'cause, when reading, only Seeing not even ÖИΣ ödd~sapling Just §üM~§trange seeds for I be More than words wound and bound By a book ~ I Am the §ound from ÖИΣ … Continue reading <Иö~Matter> Rhyme 4 Reason