names.again|<§weet Dream§>

Milton "Miles" Manders - "Madman♪Requiem" - "Garden Hermit" - "Meander" - TTP - Miletus - Anaximander - Miles Morales - §trange "Fate" §pinoza - "Bizarre Bard" - "Σ⍫∃И∿öDD" - Baruch Spinoza - Rohan Kishibe - Joestars - Joshua Quincy Kurama - "Chiral Companion" - "Purple Veins" - "Sinister(Left)" - Kurama Shuichi (YYH) - Uryu Ishida … Continue reading names.again|<§weet Dream§>

§trange Job

Working a §trange job writing Words inside of §weet~Dreams Don't even know what they mean Just following the flow I feel Does it matter? Is it real? It doesn't take up space Time seems to misalign & race There's nothing to show But -§till- I know There was something where No one but Me can … Continue reading §trange Job


Earned my first clear star Clearing the oh~so low_bar By blowing up Mars driving My §trange purple car like Them Bizarre Adventures of Joestars, racing to become Golden like Steel~Ball~Run Leading to some Soft•&•Wet Fun as •2• unites into ÖИΣ

§trange §uits (Don’t Stall)

Wearing suits with a §trange fit Alright, don't be Weird about it Like pretending you know the End In an attempt to make Иü~friends Nor try hiding in eyes like lies As your disguise leads to demise And so even if a little ödd∿ball Own up to it early ~ don't stall reading §trange §uits (Don’t Stall)

|Certainty| ∇See∿SawΔ <Furby Eyez 4BIs> 〘ಠఠ〙

Blind Visionary looks 4 irony Like mines with mute canaries Singing Death's silent lyrics Of asymmetrical mirror theoryOn why to both Love & Fear me For I be Furby, a scary~fairy & fairly hairy furry Toy seen И the 90s as cheap plasticity But be ferries for prophecies In actuality because actually Pretends 2 speak … Continue reading |Certainty| ∇See∿SawΔ <Furby Eyez 4BIs> 〘ಠఠ〙

Welcome To The Internet

The Internet is oh~so §trange Born of a Mad Scientist's brain It is no wonder at all Why Bowie & Prince Were left somewhere between Terror & Awe Of the god Man had created 'cause along with every god Comes a devil So as Bo would say "Welcome to the Internet"

§trange ödd~cag∃

A Madman oh~so deranged Even the Strange thinks He's §trange, like he's A stray mutt with mange Whose colours flow from Somewhere in our Orange Range near Storm's rage Reservations 4 ödd~cag∃

§ane §heogorath [29]

ÖИ∃ oh~so §trange Madgod Whö Continues to maintain a sane Facade & serve any call like Maid whose name's ИØ~Θing at A11 ~ some Bizarre punchline 2 entertain 9 mundane brains