§trange Job

Working a §trange job writing Words inside of §weet~Dreams Don't even know what they mean Just following the flow I feel Does it matter? Is it real? It doesn't take up space Time seems to misalign & race There's nothing to show But -§till- I know There was something where No one but Me can … Continue reading §trange Job

Moment In The Black Hole

In my Sweet dreams A black hole appears And pulls me in Along with color string Gravity like confetti Then the Chaos Spinning the spirals Making me chiral Losing sense to be & now right is left of me So I search 'til I see Those Strange faces kissing The only image in Infinity & … Continue reading Moment In The Black Hole

Liminal Spaces 4 Zipper Races

Insanely livin' in liminal spaces In between my facades of my faces In case this case is of my traces To complicate this for army bases On a basis waste is turkey basted & with stitches my skin is basted Lookin' like zippers & shoe laces As Sticky Fingers readies 4 races https://open.spotify.com/track/1ZCUUuSvQjgeqNR1CXnhFp?si=pd-bBjGDTYyAPYSq_SrogA&utm_source=copy-link https://youtu.be/T_Lv3Mj9ltY https://open.spotify.com/album/29m6DinzdaD0OPqWKGyMdz?si=VaqQB28gQG6hH90beLorGA&utm_source=copy-link