Scary~Monsters (And Kryptonite~Kisses)

Kryptonite~Kisses cause Иü~KIDS To go amiss ~ this Folie~à~Deux Formed of Me~&~You and turns to Fumes of ödd~boy's fallout~fury Like atomic booms hidden inside Irradiated rooms üИknøwn to Whö 'cause feared what You would do When this mess's mind manifests Madman's bonus Requiem lives as Rainbow~eyes which materialized When petrified with Witch cries Cold as … Continue reading Scary~Monsters (And Kryptonite~Kisses)

Gray Names Reign | [polished]

A Bizarre~Car driving through the city of stars & bars, but no Time here for pause 'cause i do not wanna starve in this hell that colours Good & Evil Black & White when those Gray Names Reign & make it rain in May, and yet there appears no rainbow at the end of my … Continue reading Gray Names Reign | [polished]

Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration | [polished] Mü§!© like the Sound when there're no bodies around to astound Time vibin' in Me, my Self, & whisperin' Keebler~∃lf trees planted on shelfs changin' places like mine Mime does faces in races as a criminal in chases, just in case this twistin' wind 1'm puttin' in my §pin really just is Justice's ways … Continue reading Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration | [polished]

§trange Man

An oh-so §trange Man Black like a rainbow With scarves & hoods To poke Her face and One & Only way Ü pay 4 the Bizarre-Bazaar