Welcome To The Internet

The Internet is oh~so §trange Born of a Mad Scientist's brain It is no wonder at all Why Bowie & Prince Were left somewhere between Terror & Awe Of the god Man had created 'cause along with every god Comes a devil So as Bo would say "Welcome to the Internet" https://open.spotify.com/track/3s44Qv8x974tm0ueLexMWN?si=qgwhn1LARoKL4YQnacikCQ&utm_source=copy-link https://wrif.com/2022/08/12/prince-internet-thoughts-1999-clip-2/

7 Rains & Triangle Bays

7 Rains went & came a daze 4 a Prince spent his reign The same way a Popper pays To die another day & stays In an unkempt bed far away By Bermuda's Triangle Bays Where Buffalo & Alien play With lives of livid strays Whö train to say "No way!" & find Truth their … Continue reading 7 Rains & Triangle Bays

200 – Bubble Burst Boy

Inspiration/Accompaniment: Gappy's Theme by Gwinn https://open.spotify.com/track/06dmaYf1eDCZjZae3b0Fd4?si=KbLs8tneRBGEHLOXgclprQ&utm_source=copy-link ♬A seat in anonymity Continue continuity Flow of Calamity & Wonder of U, how I wish I knew Where I came from & who's whom Two bubbles make One identity New Soft•&•Wet Personality Burst-ing star Bubbles broke stones Meth-o-dic Hide locacaca fruit Cha-o-tic Deathly PursuitRock obsession, trees Bizarre alchemy … Continue reading 200 – Bubble Burst Boy

Imaginary Thrones

Countless claims to be royal lines Seemingly everyone, somehow divine A silver chalice distracts the frauds From the golden ichor blessed by gods A prince & his fetish: imaginary thrones Grasping for that scepter he'll never own Bare brows wishing to bear curled crowns As masks replace facades' furled frowns

imaginary thrones (old version)

a lost prince finding his self in the court fool;inspiring desirings so perverse,no, worse - so cruel fantasies of grandeur - fetishizing imaginary thrones;watching watch hands wave time away while servants work their real hands to their bones countless claimsto a royal line;every last oneseemingly divine a silver chalicedistracted the frauds;a golden ichorblessed by the … Continue reading imaginary thrones (old version)