Crown of Tungsten Thorns <{§><©}>

Purgatory be Processēs producing Pretend~Perfections pardoning my Perverted~Pastors illuminated by Baal's black light but Lost like Podiums provided to preach Found Perpendicular to Иü~Pearly~Gate§ Near pretend Purple~Plastic lake Whose Pyrite~Fate be Late ~ fake As promise of orange & blue cake Or placemat 2 place Imperfection Like my garbage: recycle & waste 4 faces separating … Continue reading Crown of Tungsten Thorns <{§><©}>

Red Programs

People pretend it is rude when 1 objectifies another; however 2~B means inherently we're A11 Just isotopes & molecules like Being made up for story tropes 2 make Whö is inside my mirror Just like A11 them fools Whö~R Pre-programmed clones Whö only Exist 2 act as tools ~ 4 there May actually be more … Continue reading Red Programs