§oul Transcendence

§pirits are like @scended §ouls 0ütside of Time 1nside ÖИ∃ MiИD that are snatched from @ΣΘ∃®§ & are intended to assist a Mortal §oul's @scension ever|closer to Immortal TruΘ§ found in §pirit; §oul is Mortal §pirit born from ܧ and eventually dies with us, so only when a §oul goes beyond teaching §pirit can Mortal … Continue reading §oul Transcendence


A Superhero living in disguise Looking for a new book - still I should be looking for a hook So I can be a fisherman when a Fish or a man hears §iren sing Vox treasures & comes swimming https://open.spotify.com/track/2jfjyl9KksCBvkZFN2qd8e?si=nmkmR8HCQFiXzv-jn7KlGw&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/3uU0nvNbqFmTsBJfOD9OXM?si=GGFWVuKuSYSdQCwNN16N2Q&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/5TlAXiBCBwiQnIZUAA4Jkg?si=vTI0HW3KQQOwvtU80We0Mw&utm_source=copy-link

Soul Bands In Jojolands

At times cannot rhymes be planned At times cannot a line understand That Love is the law & my command Of any Man born of hourglass sand Or rust in magical faery dust and Travelin' into the holy Jojolands As Earth, Wind & Fire's soul band https://open.spotify.com/track/3NbcxD3uC4aDsv87lwK1WM?si=VXdwjohXQAKXfsW_nRE8yw&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/album/2hzWzBtuhlpa9qGwtoAtzB?si=Tcu8xruuT5yBhXIXojMEug&utm_source=copy-link

327: my monster hiding in plain sight with all the other timid monsters

kinda weird to sit at a bar when you are so used to sitting alone in your messy bedroom you forget how weird normal people look on the outside 'cause you're so used to searching for the monster inside, but inside at a bar when you aren't looking for their monsters - you feel how … Continue reading 327: my monster hiding in plain sight with all the other timid monsters