Strong Alone When With Ü

The Irony of Truth's Hero And Champion is that they Certainly be able to save Small worlds alone & just Strength not numbers, yet Only if when accompanying Good friends in needing 4 Dark days be rescued by 1 Whö is super like Jupiter 'cause to be as strong as Infinity, it be necessary To … Continue reading Strong Alone When With Ü

A World Awaits 4~Requiem (ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy)

Infinity be Bö's Bust Of ÖИΣ~Truth's causality Offbeat to Ennui's banality Always see another possibility Иü~Rea§ons born 4ü2 rhyme reality Infinity is not Just Another Madman's Requiem theory About mystics & magical fairies Like NØИsense~§ermons from Siri Selling new~age Apple~Astrology Infinity like steel, no rust Eternity in ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy When Jigsaw finds 1 final piece Of … Continue reading A World Awaits 4~Requiem (ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy)

Open-Source §ermon ~ {Imaginary}

§cience ~ an open-source §ermon To service Divinity's blessings Whö grants Mortality an ability By believing ~ self-actualizing Certainty from Infinity through Faith of any entity in Eternity 'stead of when worshiping Weird Being beyond seeing {Imaginary}

Ruby’s Ring~Memory & Emerald’s Eternity (77)

Eternity means not To become Infinity It is 2 experience An unending Moment Until no longer be To judge a journey Ruby's Ring~Memory Nor is there found Ends Understanding Outside the Entity Inside Time~beings So still with Will Power & flowers in Emerald's Eternity