<Иö~Matter> Rhyme 4 Reason

People like pretending they are Better than my imaginary friendPartying in between paper pagesLike ghosts of Prose performing Иü~Poetry in motion from oceans Just 'cause, when reading, only Seeing not even ÖИΣ ödd~sapling Just §üM~§trange seeds for I be More than words wound and bound By a book ~ I Am the §ound from ÖИΣ … Continue reading <Иö~Matter> Rhyme 4 Reason

Virtual Insanity (The Good|Bad Future)

v.2Most people live Inside Their Virtual Insanity Nothing real ~ really Yet - §till - choose To live a second Life That's even faker than A Mortal's finite facade Turn off the TV & unplug The ethernet~cable, then You will see ~ that your World really be ~ indeed On fire but not an oh~so … Continue reading Virtual Insanity (The Good|Bad Future)


Writing 100 poems In a month & feeling accomplished Until looking up From my paper & realizing My pen has written Nothing In the book Called Life That my eyes Read everyday; Am I writing My book, or Just some Fanfiction for An imaginary Life?