Crown of Tungsten Thorns <{§><©}>

Purgatory be Processēs producing Pretend~Perfections pardoning my Perverted~Pastors illuminated by Baal's black light but Lost like Podiums provided to preach Found Perpendicular to Иü~Pearly~Gate§ Near pretend Purple~Plastic lake Whose Pyrite~Fate be Late ~ fake As promise of orange & blue cake Or placemat 2 place Imperfection Like my garbage: recycle & waste 4 faces separating … Continue reading Crown of Tungsten Thorns <{§><©}>


God's greatest sin Against Men Isn't that He Was ever lying Nor be providing Anything less than An oh~so pure Verse His~Perfect~Word God's greatest sin Is giving the Truth's Law To Men unable to understand His holy command as not even ÖИΣ ödd~Word has been defined Absolutely, nor demand written Anywhere other than in Sahara's … Continue reading Ørange~Δune~§ands

Welcome To The Internet

The Internet is oh~so §trange Born of a Mad Scientist's brain It is no wonder at all Why Bowie & Prince Were left somewhere between Terror & Awe Of the god Man had created 'cause along with every god Comes a devil So as Bo would say "Welcome to the Internet"

Lelouch §~2

I Am Lelouch & now is the start Of §eason~2 - so meaning I have No clue Whö you R, nor whatever It is you say we do nor did nor Even of an ödd~Kid you say that I hid from Simulation~Sid in my Desire to undo whatever God did