Open-Source §ermon ~ {Imaginary}

§cience ~ an open-source §ermon To service Divinity's blessings Whö grants Mortality an ability By believing ~ self-actualizing Certainty from Infinity through Faith of any entity in Eternity 'stead of when worshiping Weird Being beyond seeing {Imaginary}

Ruby’s Ring~Memory & Emerald’s Eternity (77)

Eternity means not To become Infinity It is 2 experience An unending Moment Until no longer be To judge a journey Ruby's Ring~Memory Nor is there found Ends Understanding Outside the Entity Inside Time~beings So still with Will Power & flowers in Emerald's Eternity


stories stolen suddenly, silently losers loving leftovers longingly elongating eternity energetically wandering wonder whispering worry politic promise pondering poverty fatality fumes form fake finality computers contemplating causality