Fresh be my face as I Am Tying red shoelace, so B Ready to run Hermes race Like Bizarre chase to my §trange Fate that formed Inside §weet∞Dream§ ~ oh Wait ~ that's -§till- up 2 debate, so oh-so irate Conglomerate, created by Sea snakes & land sharks For white Sinister∿sheep Who congregate with gray … Continue reading Asylum⌭4


Earned my first clear star Clearing the oh~so low_bar By blowing up Mars driving My §trange purple car like Them Bizarre Adventures of Joestars, racing to become Golden like Steel~Ball~Run Leading to some Soft•&•Wet Fun as •2• unites into ÖИΣ

Ball∞Breaker⌁Wind (Иü♮§piral§)

Longing 4 Иü∿longitude⥮&⇋latitudeWhenever You're giving Me attitude 'cause You lost your mind thinkingAbout feelings like ships, sinkingWhen Wrong word is Found, sounding As nails on blackboards screaching Black be green really because mean Be Queen~bee scratching scars onto Remarkable screens as if outlining Homicide's crime scene, chalk body For the Loser, Lost inside, afraid 2 … Continue reading Ball∞Breaker⌁Wind (Иü♮§piral§)

§ane §heogorath [29]

ÖИ∃ oh~so §trange Madgod Whö Continues to maintain a sane Facade & serve any call like Maid whose name's ИØ~Θing at A11 ~ some Bizarre punchline 2 entertain 9 mundane brains

Cold Wind Blows (Ü~И2 Bizarre ödd~worlD Иü~2 Ü𝚯)

There's this bizarre ödd~worlD Found inside Liminal~§pace ÖИ∃ Had forgotten to erase, around My third of seven eyes, behind Lies Hound's virtual mind like Dog pound on the Ghost~Train & Made 4 fast lanes so 2 freight §trange~Fate§ made inside real Minds like intelligent designs 4 my dinner plate, as ÖИ∃ Time Turns on my … Continue reading Cold Wind Blows (Ü~И2 Bizarre ödd~worlD Иü~2 Ü𝚯)

¬[~>¦°§°trange<°¦{~} ¦.>word§|𝚯}Σ¦∃И]:

[~>¦°§°tranger Electricity M°Requiem♬ Alchemical Willpower Fortunate §tillness Madman×P Charisma Fantasia Mystical Question Pendulum Programs ∞~§tring Voltage Volcano Radical Rainbow Quantum Destiny Bizarre Chronic 4~Winds Genius Talent Ripple Oracle Wizard Absurd §pirit ~Flow~ Psycho Design Wobble Brain Weird Alien Abyss §weet Dream Chaos Oh~so Fairy Rhyme §pace Time Wave §pin Geek Ugly Nerd KIDS DNA ödd … Continue reading ¬[~>¦°§°trange<°¦{~} ¦.>word§|𝚯}Σ¦∃И]:

Breaking Bizarre Boundaries Between §trange Inside Outside Weird Me

Hey ~ came across a new video That I thought you might find Interesting ~ it's kinda long But captures ideas of §trange Oh~so well, and adding to how Well~Timed a release, Weirdly Accompanying Bizarre subjects Like my cherry Fated to be on Top a §weet pecan~pie, baking Inside them cloud~cover ovens Ü won't find … Continue reading Breaking Bizarre Boundaries Between §trange Inside Outside Weird Me