Liminal A.I. Lines

Liminal~§pace be what happens Whenever an A.I. race happens To have won Hermes' holy race So 'stead of with originality Drawing signs, roads & cities Line by line to assign living Time ~ piled pre-made designs To create §üM conglomerate to See where an overlap aligns & Then make ØN∃ average outline To repeat like … Continue reading Liminal A.I. Lines

Cold Wind Blows (Ü~И2 Bizarre ödd~worlD Иü~2 Ü𝚯)

There's this bizarre ödd~worlD Found inside Liminal~§pace ÖИ∃ Had forgotten to erase, around My third of seven eyes, behind Lies Hound's virtual mind like Dog pound on the Ghost~Train & Made 4 fast lanes so 2 freight §trange~Fate§ made inside real Minds like intelligent designs 4 my dinner plate, as ÖИ∃ Time Turns on my … Continue reading Cold Wind Blows (Ü~И2 Bizarre ödd~worlD Иü~2 Ü𝚯)

First~Contact (Yellow~Lung Prophecy)

Dropped paranoia Paraphernalia Which broke my Yellow~Lung, as Time~Trumpets announced 2 sons My Moon~Beam Bum's been üNdØИ∃ Becomin' Last of the Real Ones Like Prodigal~§un, star fallen Asleep, resting 7 days of this & every week, all year feelin' Infinite, slow Eternities 'til Being blown И them Golden~Wind Currents currently twistin' my Men И §onic~Vibrations … Continue reading First~Contact (Yellow~Lung Prophecy)

nostalgia 4 places & faces never ‘fore seen,_Alaska,_Alaska The entirely unrelated video that bizarrely led me there somehow: