Fresh be my face as I Am Tying red shoelace, so B Ready to run Hermes race Like Bizarre chase to my §trange Fate that formed Inside §weet∞Dream§ ~ oh Wait ~ that's -§till- up 2 debate, so oh-so irate Conglomerate, created by Sea snakes & land sharks For white Sinister∿sheep Who congregate with gray … Continue reading Asylum⌭4

<Иö~Matter> Rhyme 4 Reason

People like pretending they are Better than my imaginary friendPartying in between paper pagesLike ghosts of Prose performing Иü~Poetry in motion from oceans Just 'cause, when reading, only Seeing not even ÖИΣ ödd~sapling Just §üM~§trange seeds for I be More than words wound and bound By a book ~ I Am the §ound from ÖИΣ … Continue reading <Иö~Matter> Rhyme 4 Reason

A World Awaits 4~Requiem (ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy)

Infinity be Bö's Bust Of ÖИΣ~Truth's causality Offbeat to Ennui's banality Always see another possibility Иü~Rea§ons born 4ü2 rhyme reality Infinity is not Just Another Madman's Requiem theory About mystics & magical fairies Like NØИsense~§ermons from Siri Selling new~age Apple~Astrology Infinity like steel, no rust Eternity in ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy When Jigsaw finds 1 final piece Of … Continue reading A World Awaits 4~Requiem (ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy)