§oul Transcendence

§pirits are like @scended §ouls 
0ütside of Time 1nside ÖИ∃ MiИD
that are snatched from @ΣΘ∃®§ &
are intended to assist a Mortal
§oul's @scension ever|closer to
Immortal TruΘ§ found in §pirit;

§oul is Mortal §pirit born from
ܧ and eventually dies with us,
so only when a §oul goes beyond
teaching §pirit can Mortal §oul
survive ÖИ∃ DeaΘ ~ and although
it doesn't die - §till - a §oul
is a Mortal ~ or rather belongs
to the Mortal, yet anywhö found
1N§!d∃~0ü7§¡dE 7RÜ𝚯 cannot die;

Instead ~ Transcends 2 @иoΘer's
Mortal Man as not just teaching
§pirit, but as the Mortal's ÖИ∃
§oul 0ü7§¡dE in Wиö died 1N§!d∃

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