§°¦new RBY keys 4Green¦°§

  • Small Worlds | Buttons | Programs
  • Blue | Yellow | Red
  • °
  • {~|Excerpts of short answers from a practice RBY test in preparation for Green|~}
  • °
  • > Summary [RBY]:
  • Blue Small Worlds get their Yellow Buttons pressed by Red Progams while Green is waiting inside Perfect Circles…
  • °
  • > Small Worlds [Blue]:
  • Kid§ always think they’re infinity kings when inside their castle with two tall walls reaching even up to space, until like Jericho – they come crashing down all around their Small Worlds, exposing the Blue World with an endless ocean horizon. So don’t keep building wall just ’cause you feel blue. Don’t worry, the real would feels blue too, but outside you can feel the sun rays hit your face, and you remember blue can mean good too. So go play outside ~ you know you hope to never to keep Her waiting.
  • °
  • > Buttons [Yellow]
  • The Kid in the chair pressing all those Yellow Buttons to Jump Forward instead of upwards. The Isolating Storyteller inside the studio in my bed called my head, pretending the world outside is alright, when not even inside is fine
  • °
  • > Programs [Red]
  • Red Progams pretend to care even though no one is actually there. “friends” like Uber drivers – run out of whatever money that makes them run – whether it’s cash, fame, Time, or Truth – and they run out of “love for me”. So don’t let the fakes distress the last of the real ones in you. Love who loves who you really are – not just when your money is around.
Next steps in preparation of Truth’s RBY Test

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