Weird Trip

[*31 October 2017

LSD, Weed]

Why do i choose to this point to exist. If I was an omnicient being, why do i decide to exist fora finite moment.

At this moment, i feel unlimitedly powerful. Acting as a single point. Able to orient myself.

If everything is a simulation, what brief conscious brought attention to this specific point.

I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but I’m slowly figuring out all the secrets. I’ll know what I meant… Eventually

I’m just sitting on a toilet, trying to comprehend infinity.

Consciousness is watching a point just to see where it goes

Often times

I’m thinking of a meeting with you

I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while

This is the closest point to my consciousness

A question I keep asking is what actually is my reality. If I was truly all powerful. Everywhere at once. Time was just another variable to manipulate. Why would I choose to have this specific scenario work out. The exact mixture of knowing and unknowing.

I’mstopping by many realities

And I guess this is how I’ll decide

Being able to simultaneously comprehend something while simultaneously being incapable of being able to comprehend it. Like looking at a memory that you forget

The extreme power that I was feeling is that of consciousness. You decide each frame of that consciousness, and that will tell you what your feeling for yourself at that point. That’s empathy

Why did I ask that question?

One reality is going to get my memories, and to all the others, this will mean something entirely different.

Why do i imagine myself as some smart ass who thinks he understands more than he’s capable.

Why do i imagine myself as the one who gets what i mean. The one who knows without uncertainty

If I am one dot, then the rest of existence must flow out of me.

Omnipotence is that you chose every single variable.

Consciousness is figuring out why those variables exist

Me treating each brief stop of consciousness as an example to live. If you treat each new conscious as if you’ve been dropped into it, and then just go with the flow

The power to know that if i wanted to change something, i could. Because I wasn’t limited by one point

Using certainty to prove omnipotence

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