[* 12 May 2016]

I’ve always been shy, but at the same time love being in shows and hosting parties. I could never really figure out if i was introverted or extroverted.

I think I’ve figured it out. The introvert in me comes from my dad. He’s very in his head and contemplative. He thinks things through and is logical. Because of this, he doesn’t like meaningless interactions and preferred not to go out when he was younger.

My mom on the other hand can’t live without other people. She has so much love in her that she just wants to see everyone happy. Love is such a powerful emotion that my mom doesn’t know how to process it sometimes, that’s why she used to get so angry or sad – it was just an overflow of emotion.

My parents complement each other well: my dad’s logic helps my mom think through her emotions while my mom shows my dad how important it is to care. I have both of these qualities. Because of this, I was able to realize the illogical nature of my strong emotions early on and ended up being confused by them. Whenever i would feel something, i would try to think of why i felt like it. For a while i thought i might be sociopathic because i thought not understanding emotions meant not having them.

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