Tales of TΛLΘ§

As Stupid As You

Post~Game Hangover

9 Kalantas

Red Crab & Blue Octopus

Yellow Buttons (R241)

Bugs R §trange (F.F.)

Ruby’s Ring~Memory & Emerald’s Eternity (77)

Pea Soup Fog (242)

The Next Fig Tree (222)

Crazy Diamond Run (212-44)

Origins Of An ödd~Glow (122)

Doors 4 Floors {Left~И]

Lucy Steel & The Spire Sires | [polished]

Red Programs

Eustace Complains

§weet Иü~Fig Tree

Gray Names Reign | [polished]

Cowboys Live Free

Ạlmost 4 Now

Fallacy Witches & Magical Bitches

Lelouch §~2

Ken’s Cowboy Boots


Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I]

Devil’s Palm

~Turtle~Flow~ (Ripple~Race)

Cursing Circles

Nö~Иø’s Team Injury Report

Hungry Hungry Hypocrisy (Orange Hippopotamus)

Mystic May’s Mystery (Иü~Trends)

Indigo ‘?’

Moment In The Black Hole

Like Purple Toy Soldiers

Bounce Flounce

Frosty Teeth

Tangerine Child (Sugar N)

Die Trying

§cratch’s Apple Pie Recipe

Need 2

Causemic Pupils (SMBH)

KIDS Can’t Sin

Understand 4~Me

Masking Hypocrisy

Making Miracles

Kind Mind Killers