Tales of TΛLΘ§

§trange 1s §weet

§trange 1s §weet

Bonus Lives


Nonsensical Senses

Monochromic Melancholy

& so now We run

Pride’s Lie (No Chance)


Captain Cool

Tradition of Ascension

Öutside These ΣY∃§ (“Greater-Good”)

NOPE & Color Rope

Baby’s Cake Mistake

Middle-School Marching Band

Poker Face

~Vertigo° (¡W ~ M!)

The Resurrection

Plato’s Internet Café

Late~Night Dates

Summer Break-ups (Blame Harry Potter)


Holy Plumber

Care Is Creation (Chance Happenstance)

Sinister Symbolism (Nazi Chirality)

Accidentally Intentional

A Red & Blue Rope (Mirrors)

§trange Man

Church Birds


Pre-Fame §trange

Aesthetic Numbers (Ayasegawa Yumichika)

Mai Waifu

Unstable Table

Red Ink

Moon-Beam Bum (üNdØИ∃)


Fierce Grass Fairy

§oul Transcendence

The Divine Paradox

Picture Or Puzzle?

Process Perfection

Aeroplane Poetry

Jealousy Destroys Kid§ (Justin Bieber)

Ruby Ring Index

Resident Alien

§WΣ∃± Mü§♪© – pt.иæ𝚯


Bizarre Abuse

A11~Star Scars (Cosmic~Dust~Truth)

Saving Cosmic Mermaids

Illusion Delusion (Final Countdown)

Cherubim Choir

Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration | [polished]

Tragedy Rhymes (Plagerized Face)

Compromise Commissions

The Philosopher’s Bones

Cherry Ears

7 Rains & Triangle Bays

Harking Markings

The Rainbow Iris of Osiris (412)

things noticed

W(e)ary Fairies

VHS Stress

Green Snake Awaken

Imaginary §erenity

§weet’s New §alamence

I Am A11 Mü§¡© (4 New ÖDD Ü)

To Be (Found|Lost)


Volcano Rhino

‘Til Turnin’ Queasy


Seven Feet

§trange Days Today

27 ©lub

Beyond Enterprise

Twin~Fission Revision



Puppet Excuses (No Fun)

Random Thoughts (Whatever)


Angel With An Afro

Glass Floors

Waiting For ИØthing


Immortal NØИ3§ΣN§∃

Young Green Grasshopper

Lost Nerds

Farther Than Far

Religion’s §trange Kid


Texas Hold’em Golems

Teal Automobile

Cause & Effect

If Whö’s Really Me

Prison 4

HELLO! A11~Flow

Bone Mission

Dio’s Diary (14)

Miu~Miu’s Prison Booth

Isn’t 4

Pronouns (Old Man)

Hell Is Hungry

Injust Foundation

TΛLΘ§ Tower Transcendence

As Stupid As You

Post~Game Hangover

9 Kalantas

Red Crab & Blue Octopus

Yellow Buttons (R241)

Bugs R §trange (F.F.)

Ruby’s Ring~Memory & Emerald’s Eternity (77)

Pea Soup Fog (242)

The Next Fig Tree (222)

Crazy Diamond Run (212-44)

Origins Of An ödd~Glow (122)

Doors 4 Floors {Left~И]

Lucy Steel & The Spire Sires | [polished]

Red Programs

Eustace Complains

§weet Иü~Fig Tree

Gray Names Reign | [polished]

Cowboys Live Free

Ạlmost 4 Now

Fallacy Witches & Magical Bitches

Lelouch §~2

Ken’s Cowboy Boots


Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I]

Devil’s Palm


Cursing Circles

Nö~Иø’s Team Injury Report

Hungry Hungry Hypocrisy (Orange Hippopotamus)

Mystic May’s Mystery (Иü~Trends)

Indigo ‘?’

Moment In The Black Hole

Like Purple Toy Soldiers

Bounce Flounce

Frosty Teeth

Tangerine Child (Sugar N)

Die Trying

§cratch’s Apple Pie Recipe

Need 2

Causemic Pupils (SMBH)

KIDS Can’t Sin

Understand 4~Me

Masking Hypocrisy

Making Miracles

Kind Mind Killers

§trange Prophecy §weet Larceny

Jupiter In The Trees

Rusty SAGES (Poet Professor)

И∃ Lede

§trang∃ DiscΘ (Perf3ct Sc0re)


Email Subject: Randomly Reminded

NIMH Vermin

Breaking Bizarre Boundaries Between §trange Inside Outside Weird Me

First~Contact (Yellow~Lung Prophecy)

Jacob & Esau’s Prophecy Larceny


Inside~Outside Puppeteer (Red §hoelace)

¬[~>¦°§°trange<°¦{~} ¦.>word§|𝚯}Σ¦∃И]:

Cold Wind Blows (Ü~И2 Bizarre ödd~worlD Иü~2 Ü𝚯)

You~2, Secondary (Empathy~Lead)


§ane §heogorath [29]

Verse~Voice (Bumble~B Rumbling)


This Name~Game | [polished]

Playing House | [polished]

Mysterious Monkey Hand

§trange ödd~cag∃


Backyard Bark

Silently Smiling

Haruhi §uzumiya (81)

The Liminal Backrooms

Atlas’ Shelf

& the 3rd~1

Robins Riot

Virtual Insanity (The Good|Bad Future)

§üM Flying Sky Geometrie§

Welcome To The Internet

Apparition On A Mission

– §till – EXPERIENC∃ ~ Real ~

Self-Righteous Sight (Believe Without Bias)

Life’s Late Bet (§üM~Geniü§)



Technicolor ©ores & Riders On The §torm [Dee’s KΣ∇§}

Open-Source §ermon ~ {Imaginary}

Crown of Tungsten Thorns <{§><©}>