Hungry Hungry Hypocrisy (Orange Hippopotamus)

An orange hippopotamus with A stomach that's bottomless So known 2 go to & fro just Like the Wind through afros Or waves on East's coast or Smoke above West's mountain On fire, both literally & N Their Desire 2~B admired by Sires atop the Spiral~Tower So to satisfy the cattle by §pinning hipocrisy N~2 … Continue reading Hungry Hungry Hypocrisy (Orange Hippopotamus)

Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I] This is not real Life Lost in a Fantasy Watching gold dust rise After the landslide buries me~ Closing my eyes & praying to die Quickly~ All of the money in This world couldn't save me Because I lost my mind Broke my bones Sold my soul Must atone Underground - Winds won't blow … Continue reading Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I]

Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration | [polished] Mü§!© like the Sound when there're no bodies around to astound Time vibin' in Me, my Self, & whisperin' Keebler~∃lf trees planted on shelfs changin' places like mine Mime does faces in races as a criminal in chases, just in case this twistin' wind 1'm puttin' in my §pin really just is Justice's ways … Continue reading Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration | [polished]

~Vertigo° (¡W ~ M!)

~Vertigo° Look below Summit's low Spin: A11~flow §trange yö~yö°s Gold winds ~ blow Bold MiИD| - |knows Pearl Jam dough Nutz from Joe Even Flow ~Vertigo° Like Woah! When some hoe Flash, peep show Say: "yeah..."<NOPE> §weet, not known Park car, towed Passing ~ "Go" Pinkie's toe L∞ng...ago ~Vertigo°

Soul Bands In Jojolands

At times cannot rhymes be planned At times cannot a line understand That Love is the law & my command Of any Man born of hourglass sand Or rust in magical faery dust and Travelin' into the holy Jojolands As Earth, Wind & Fire's soul band