Gray Names Reign | [polished]

A Bizarre~Car driving through the city of stars & bars, but no Time here for pause 'cause i do not wanna starve in this hell that colours Good & Evil Black & White when those Gray Names Reign & make it rain in May, and yet there appears no rainbow at the end of my … Continue reading Gray Names Reign | [polished]

Beyond Enterprise

A white fly with red eyes like Berries ripe and zebra stripes Like a donkey disguise so that My eyes look beyond Enterprise Who watch the skies like spies While I just sigh, 'cause they Think that I do not realize my Demise, just when in reality I Don't care - §till - gonna try … Continue reading Beyond Enterprise

§weet’s New §alamence

The noise is constant & full of Nonsense & a Fool's consequence For his offense from sitting on This white picket fence whether To commence his Transcendence & Turn into §weet's New §alamence

Ice Box | Paid Actor Professional | Dress 2 Impress

Rockstars walking down brick Streets, & their biggest fan Stan ~ bigger than a minivan Trying trick so to fool them To thinking he's really cool Like the ice~box near a pool In Truth a Fool pretending & With Paid Actor Professional Can't compete money's deceit 'cause Rockstars brush teeth Like their shoulders do with … Continue reading Ice Box | Paid Actor Professional | Dress 2 Impress