Like Purple Toy Soldiers

Not following my ödd advice Even now being lost & found That what cost to the sound State of mine found writing Inside lost minds of a mine Full of blood diamonds from Dead Time N Whö exists only Red Rhymes of that Blue Boy Like Purple Toy Soldiers to Distract from A11 character Flaws … Continue reading Like Purple Toy Soldiers

27 ©lub

Trying to rise above the 27 ©lub Like üNdØИ∃ to become the ÖИ∃ so To have won & overcome the curse Or what may have been even worse Like a verse about my own hearse Or 8 desserts as dry as a desert Rather than a §ΨΣ∃7 pastry §ound In §7R@Иg∃ Mü§¡© sung A11 around … Continue reading 27 ©lub

Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration | [polished] Mü§!© like the Sound when there're no bodies around to astound Time vibin' in Me, my Self, & whisperin' Keebler~∃lf trees planted on shelfs changin' places like mine Mime does faces in races as a criminal in chases, just in case this twistin' wind 1'm puttin' in my §pin really just is Justice's ways … Continue reading Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration | [polished]

A §ong of Love, Life, & Weather (Time Makes mv§♪©)

If sound's really the vibration Made of spinning simulation From vinyl record gyration Then mv§♪© isn't inside your ears Rather comes from trading years 'cause Time makes mv§♪© hear & when Ü finally puts 2 together Found is the formula to-get-Her: A §ong of Love, Life, & Weather