KIDS Can’t Sin

I repeat my self: KIDS can't sin Only play the game and lose then Learn why so that next time they Can go even higher up a mountain Like an ever~growing flower tall As Sire's Spiral Tower, and once They peak and finally get a peek Of the Truth ~ only then can one Begin … Continue reading KIDS Can’t Sin

Causemic Pupils (SMBH)

Super~Massive~Black~Holes Are pupils of divine eyes Whö observe Earth's skies From outside where even I Can nigh see ödd~light as If abyss to avoid staring Directly inside my mind's 3rd eye hiding inside the Void so I can deny what I Found 1nside~Öutside Time Without needing to lie if Questioned by an Immortal Whö can … Continue reading Causemic Pupils (SMBH)

Lucy Steel & The Spire Sire Holy Lucy wholely ready for the golden gun to start the fun of steel ball run 'cause it's almost time for the one to become undone so the purple plum punch at lunch can launch the magic conch shell & sell sea shores to hellish cores coloring crime in lines with false signs so … Continue reading Lucy Steel & The Spire Sire

333: after the wind

after the wind comes the sin & from sin comes Truth's men - all of my Sinners out there now is your time to shine your dark light of Truth onto this world - 'cause after the wind comes the sin & we really need some good men with true experience Inside sin reading 333: after the wind