Life’s Late Bet (§üM~Geniü§)

v.2 Sensory~Me ~ §weet songs Echoing off walls inside This house of memories & Sounding like Fantasia's Harmony ~ oh~so charming & inspiring me to become What I have always meant To be ~ as if completing My metamorphosis that is Transforming caterpillar Cocoons soaking under so Bright a White of §ilk's Sunlight, reflecting off … Continue reading Life’s Late Bet (§üM~Geniü§)


Avatar of Infinity & the Heart Of Empathy, beating in Time to §erenity's §oliloquy ~ written By my own Way's Word after I'd Heard Limit§ when Elohim slurs Like a crazy drunkard drowning И lyrical Madmen, oh-so absurd

A §ong of Love, Life, & Weather (Time Makes mv§♪©)

If sound's really the vibration Made of spinning simulation From vinyl record gyration Then mv§♪© isn't inside your ears Rather comes from trading years 'cause Time makes mv§♪© hear & when Ü finally puts 2 together Found is the formula to-get-Her: A §ong of Love, Life, & Weather