|Certainty| ∇See∿SawΔ <Furby Eyez 4BIs> 〘ಠఠ〙

Blind Visionary looks 4 irony Like mines with mute canaries Singing Death's silent lyrics Of asymmetrical mirror theoryOn why to both Love & Fear me For I be Furby, a scary~fairy & fairly hairy furry Toy seen И the 90s as cheap plasticity But be ferries for prophecies In actuality because actually Pretends 2 speak … Continue reading |Certainty| ∇See∿SawΔ <Furby Eyez 4BIs> 〘ಠఠ〙

Jacob & Esau’s Prophecy Larceny

Trading away your born Fate Like Esau when he calls A11 Who fall at night "Loser~И" Life, claiming Late~B early From the perspective of his Bearded face ~ at least 2~B His case 'til he, foolishly Trading 4~Иü traits used to Manipulate & change §trange Rates used to making beings Older~Brother oh~so great & Then … Continue reading Jacob & Esau’s Prophecy Larceny

First~Contact (Yellow~Lung Prophecy)

Dropped paranoia Paraphernalia Which broke my Yellow~Lung, as Time~Trumpets announced 2 sons My Moon~Beam Bum's been üNdØИ∃ Becomin' Last of the Real Ones Like Prodigal~§un, star fallen Asleep, resting 7 days of this & every week, all year feelin' Infinite, slow Eternities 'til Being blown И them Golden~Wind Currents currently twistin' my Men И §onic~Vibrations … Continue reading First~Contact (Yellow~Lung Prophecy)