Bounce Flounce

Sound waves twistin' N vibration Makin' me bounce, as if weighin' Less than an ounce or like bein' A mouse dodgin' that oh~so black Cheshire cat with Emerald eyes & Copper claws Whö just pounced on Our patio unannounced or a spark Of Genius that inspires a desire As hot as fire to walk with … Continue reading Bounce Flounce

Like Purple Toy Soldiers

Not following my ödd advice Even now being lost & found That what cost to the sound State of mine found writing Inside lost minds of a mine Full of blood diamonds from Dead Time N Whö exists only Red Rhymes of that Blue Boy Like Purple Toy Soldiers to Distract from A11 character Flaws … Continue reading Like Purple Toy Soldiers

Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I] This is not real Life Lost in a Fantasy Watching gold dust rise After the landslide buries me~ Closing my eyes & praying to die Quickly~ All of the money in This world couldn't save me Because I lost my mind Broke my bones Sold my soul Must atone Underground - Winds won't blow … Continue reading Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I]