Fresh be my face as I Am Tying red shoelace, so B Ready to run Hermes race Like Bizarre chase to my §trange Fate that formed Inside §weet∞Dream§ ~ oh Wait ~ that's -§till- up 2 debate, so oh-so irate Conglomerate, created by Sea snakes & land sharks For white Sinister∿sheep Who congregate with gray … Continue reading Asylum⌭4

Imprisoning Divinity

What demons & other Immortals Oh~so often forget about them Mortals Whö be И pre~arranged Marriages with Death & riding Storms with the Doors, inside Carnate carriages, §üM~Divine Disparages journeys which end As if a Witch in 17th century Salem or a Stallion Whö won't Let anyone train him ~ forgot How although to be … Continue reading Imprisoning Divinity