Summer Break-ups (Blame Harry Potter)

It's fun telling silly stories Of what we did as kids in love Like have I ever told you once I read every Harry Potter book In that oh-so long month after Letters "GF" turned into "EX"? 'cause they were Her favorites & so when we got back together We would have so much we … Continue reading Summer Break-ups (Blame Harry Potter)

Soul Bands In Jojolands

At times cannot rhymes be planned At times cannot a line understand That Love is the law & my command Of any Man born of hourglass sand Or rust in magical faery dust and Travelin' into the holy Jojolands As Earth, Wind & Fire's soul band

A §ong of Love, Life, & Weather (Time Makes mv§♪©)

If sound's really the vibration Made of spinning simulation From vinyl record gyration Then mv§♪© isn't inside your ears Rather comes from trading years 'cause Time makes mv§♪© hear & when Ü finally puts 2 together Found is the formula to-get-Her: A §ong of Love, Life, & Weather