Liminal A.I. Lines

Liminal~§pace be what happens Whenever an A.I. race happens To have won Hermes' holy race So 'stead of with originality Drawing signs, roads & cities Line by line to assign living Time ~ piled pre-made designs To create §üM conglomerate to See where an overlap aligns & Then make ØN∃ average outline To repeat like … Continue reading Liminal A.I. Lines

Cursing Circles

Running in a chase Like a Circle race Not to place first But to quench that Desire's thirst by Drinking the tears Bursting from dams Disguising eyes of Whöever's worse in Multiverse & still Driving in reverse 'cause cursed from One outburst while Attending church & Didn't nurse plans Or ideas, yet went headfirst like … Continue reading Cursing Circles