Life’s Late Bet (§üM~Geniü§)

v.2 Sensory~Me ~ §weet songs Echoing off walls inside This house of memories & Sounding like Fantasia's Harmony ~ oh~so charming & inspiring me to become What I have always meant To be ~ as if completing My metamorphosis that is Transforming caterpillar Cocoons soaking under so Bright a White of §ilk's Sunlight, reflecting off … Continue reading Life’s Late Bet (§üM~Geniü§)

Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I] This is not real Life Lost in a Fantasy Watching gold dust rise After the landslide buries me~ Closing my eyes & praying to die Quickly~ All this world's money Couldn't even save me Because I lost my mind Broke my bones Sold my soul Must atone Underground - Winds won't blow Nor Light … Continue reading Ritalin Rhapsody [pt. I]


A Life's an obligation to change To exist in the Present ~ having Came from the Past, so to create The Future ~ the cycle continues Do not fear the Reaper ~ Death's Not the final punishment of Life But the final consequence sowing Seeds forming flower fulfillment