v.2What even for is ödd~me to write When what is right has left like No real belief in a cause 'cause Forgot what to feel really means When Chiral might turns pathetic & action only spins as aesthetic Inside Life under ödd~anesthetic https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7haVqiRuu5UeyJEEBpZo1i?si=gnMiEmT_SGS7zyuQqF8IGQ&utm_source=copy-link v.1 What even for is ödd~me to write When what is right … Continue reading ödd~anesthetic

Religion’s §trange Kid

Odd Earth's been fed Up with Religion since Even before Religion Became apparent to Man - if It's truly only ~ Imaginary ~ Delusional ~ Not Real ~ Pretend ~ Powerless ~ Valueless - then The World of Man - before Birth - Would've aborted Religion As if it were Just a fetus; 'cause a … Continue reading Religion’s §trange Kid

I Am A11 Mü§¡© (4 New ÖDD Ü)

I'm not the Rhythm nor Beat nor A step to a dance nor lyrics in 7 songs ~ I Am A11 Mü§¡© ~ I Am §weet feeling & Whö comes along To do what not EV∃И God thought 1 knew was possible 4 New ÖDD Ü https://open.spotify.com/track/2YdrFOfNZeKdQOUYw9duoA?si=cXDOoY2ZSx6zv6Xm43ozZg&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/15bB4ZXVsgmlHuSA2RRQ6R?si=-odn4rEBQ1eZRVzaiVEVmw&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/14Tuu2CobiHxebbrLgDQ3K?si=3wKg5CSASCmZvyOHAT_56g&utm_source=copy-link

217 – Describing Humans

Describing Humans is difficult they're little blank slates Nothing is Certain in Humans they're Children of the Universe Just odd Kids who know nothing other than how to laugh & cry They're not born good at anything yet can grow great at everything Somehow capable of growing greater than even the gods who never die