Favorite Colors & Memories

Favorite Colors & Memories as Star Room Infinity as §erenity as Truth's Divinity as Heaven's Gate Eternity; Mortal Nirvana in§ide still Time for Who finds Flow's Rhyme & are finally fine as God's Entertainer Mime becoming a favorite's Life-Line https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0TjmTrcFCgPmV8z4W3IKgY?si=hbNZQe4wQ-G-2GuLp_7Jow&utm_source=copy-link

325: inside entertainers

everyone has an asshole living inside the back of their head some just happen to be far more pleasant than others or at least far more fun & those assholes become our entertainers 'cause they're the only ones who can show you the horrible Truth by telling you they hate you by pretending they love … Continue reading 325: inside entertainers