As Stupid As You

People think Philosphy is Pointless - circle thinking Means not a thing at A11 if It ends up leading ИØwhere~Nu; But that's not quite true 'cause when thinking of Something new only to You Even if ИØthing is what You do You are - §till - acting as pr∞f That You live in a world … Continue reading As Stupid As You

Aeroplane Poetry

Being above white clouds Clothed in black shrouds Hiding, among A11 crowds Listens to Music so loud Lightning-bolt mud-mound Under a cloud, on ground Only mine birdsong found & painted with Her sound Red road like river rust Green canopy covers dust Yellow vibe, cello crust Blue Music One can trust Shadows fast racing west … Continue reading Aeroplane Poetry

22 – New Towers; Old Bridges

New towers are built Across old bridges; New people are found Inside old friends; Your journey may be a circle, yet Start and finish are not the same Regardless of feeling so familiar Regardless of my story so similar