Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration (polished) Mü§!© like the Sound when there're no bodies around to astound Time vibin' in Me, my Self, & whisperin' Keebler~∃lf trees planted on shelfs changin' places like mine Mime does faces in races as a criminal in chases, just in case this twistin' wind 1'm puttin' in my §pin really just is Justice's ways … Continue reading Twistin’ Wind Chasin’ Vibration (polished)

Cherubim Choir

I've had an oh-so §trange Experience in a Philosphy Game with the name that's The same as when God came 'cause, never have I ever Intended to win any of my Philosophy debates at any Rate - for I always threw My words at gods wielding Truth's rod - so I knew I Had lost … Continue reading Cherubim Choir

Illusion Delusion (Final Countdown)

Illusions from a delusion causes Infinite confusion & conclusions From fusions of institutions and Superstitions on missions like a Witch hunt after some bitch cunt Who always punts when 4th & goal Even though they are only 5 down During my Game's Final Countdown