Nü∿Tales of TΛLΘ§

Nü∿Tales of TΛLΘ§

50 First Dates

Logic of The Law

Numb Иames


§tranger Today (Nü⌁Transistor)

I Was Fine. What Happened? (N Between)

Local Bar’s Lonely Girls

Irish Whiskey

2 Die Alone (I’m Drunk)

Anger And Disgust (Again)

Lightning⌁N My Bottle Again

Disappearance Experience (Nö~Fear)

N§ide Our Brain

Making Missed Trains

Wisher’s Wish

Thaᴎos (Becoming N Me)

The Thrill of Ü (Nü∿Future)

“The Exception…” (2 Only Love Ü)

A Frayed Naut (B Rough Patches)

The Content⌁Machine

Crazy Mac’s Blowing~N (North~Wind§)

The Murder Victim (Δ11∿Δlone)

Favorite Letters (About a Girl)

Aliens Exist

Worthwhile Wishes (Nü∿Christmas Gifts)

Manic Monday (Say “Hey”)

Mullets & Mustaches

N Italic§ (God’s Blessing|Devil’s Curse)

The Reason

Blinker Test (Blending N)


Digging 2 China (Simon Unearthed)

Political $cience


The Mango Tree (ÖNΣ And ØИ1∃)

“…Days Get Brighter”

Running N my dream§ (Achilles’ Ankle)

Fruit of the Loom

“The Game” (of LIFE)

B Tribute (Tenacious D)

Loser Genius

Sculptor’s Muse! (Jak & Daxter)

Mountain Guru

Moonless Eyes

Crazy N Cincinnati

§carlet Jungle

§üM Nü∿Ectoplasm

High Voltage Tuning Fork

Nü∿Immortal Words

Runnin’ Outta Time (Losing Lucifer’s Lease)

Daedric Princes

§imile §illiness (“As” Good As “Like”)

Oxygen Wants

RED Tulips & HER 2 Lips

Hot Topic Zombies (Dying N A Ditch)

Gideon’s Engine (Nü∿Ạbsurd)

Atem’s Ascension

Asexual Gravity

Rosegold-Tinted Glass Homes (Donatos Pizza)

Phantom Pajamas (Ghost Host)

A Christmas Gift <4B,Ü2>

God Believes N §eparation of ¢hurch & $tate (Bodily¦Autonomy, Too)

§pektor’s §pell∿Book (§trange∿Grammar)

Birthday §uit Pursuit (Naked Truth)

N2 Future⌁§weet♡Dream§ (Δ $ick ‘И’ Twisted Fantasy)

Got Lost With Her

Get N Loser (“Cool Loser” Paradox)

Sleeping N (The Calamity Can Wait)

Nike’s Nephew (Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf)

A.I. Art Again (Let Artists Live Free, Passionately)

Stubborn Stones

Bitch of an Itch (NöИø’s Plan B)


Day§cream И Blue


REMember GOOD∿Design

Wobble FLOW

Dick Pics (Law & Order SVU)

Stop Erasing Words

N§ide∿Öutside Buttons

Breaking The Curse (GO BEYOND!)

Rusty Tank! (Bang)

GO BEYOND! Requiem

Jojo Rabbit Run (Time Has Cum)

Addiction 2 Diction

Winning The Lottery (Y∿Me)

Δ11∿Girls R&B Cute

Creepy Quilts (Wednesday Lullaby)

Weak N the Knees

XS Infection

Beautiful∿Disaster (T§N)


Synth∿Substitution Solution (Иü∿NPC Ạctualizing)

The Episode Recap

Remembering Sunday Rain

Sins of the Father (Vicious Circle)

Demise Of Disguise∿Eyes

When I’m Gone (Perfect Circle / §weet♡Dream§)