Goodbye 2 Me (Otherside Intro)

Inside Outside Otherside (Love’s Proof)

The FLOW of Proof (Another Option 4 Ü)

Her Love’s Perfection (His §weet Words)

Airplanes, Pt. III

Mudd Puddle Whale

Unlock Enoch

Story of my life

Growing Up (Dammit)

Cold Heat

Nü∿Brain Damage

When I’m Gone (Perfect Circle / §weet♡Dream§) [polished]

Outkast ATLast

mprtnt mmrs

Pyrite Possibility

Bittersweet Retreat

Left Footed

No Hesitation

N Between Colors & Shapes

Cute Angels With Crossed Fingers (Sunday∿Service Dress)

B Acting (Like A “Real∿Man”)

Advice I §till REMember


Numbered Tables (23Sideways)

The Greatest §tory N Astrology

Real Imaginary Friends

Tree Words

Nothing Real

Impossible For The Shitty Scientist

Enjoy Art

Reading Backwards Words

Jupiter’s Gravity & Comet Calamity

Paris In The Present Tense (Voyeur∿N)

Typewriter Levers

I.O.U. An Apology (Anima & Animus)

She Hates Me

Just A Chance With You

Zeus X3

Royal∿Guilt (Prince Harry)

Back N The Toy Chest

Tone Deaf

What I Almost Said (I’ll Leave You Alone Now)

Carpe Diem

Self-Righteous Justice Warrior (Conscience Hostage)

OF Chiral Desire

California∿Champagne (Bon Voyage!)


Experiencing Ünderstanding (Again)

Narcissistic Humility

N2 Deep (Can’t C Me)

Ü Don’t Wanna Know (The End)

A Novelty Loser

REM Sentence

Stories About Stories

Time 2 Change

OF Vision & Intimidation

A Master of Balance

Wintergreen Vines

Perennial Flowers

Burnin’ Asleep

Birds N The Garden

You’re Not OK (I Promise)

Voting 4 Fig Trees

Criminal Minds (Degenerate Art)

Tradition of Tomorrows

Evil Be A Good Word

Difference N Belief

Incompetent Henchmen

Why I Fell So Hard For You (You Make Me Feel Normal)

A Better Answer Doesn’t Exist

Leading Questions

Weirdmageddon (Gravity∿Falls)

Watching Cartoons (Wreck-It Ralph)

Moment of §erenity

The Prison of the Pen (Emily Dickinson)

Happy Magic

Holy Consent

Not Quite Heaven

Wet Birthday Candles

Sinful Origin Story (2 Lie)

Virtual Small Worlds

§tudy Δbroad

Dragon Ball Wishes (Goku’s Coming Back)


To The Righteous∿Path

Left Brain, Right Brain (Their Heart Is The Same)

Burnt Toast

Understanding Confession

Flying Raijin Style (Tobirama VS. Minato)

Selling Magic (Verily Bitchie)

Doubting Thomas The Tank Engine

Friendly Fiends & Fiendish Friends

What I Would Say

Lion With A Cotton Tail

Ambiguous Bookends

Eff It

Last Words

Phoenix Faith

“Curse Words” (Ordinary Magic)

Boring – bonus

Christian Hell

Cardboard Wings (Dinosaur Day)

Holy Harmonics (Ü∿§inging N∿Harmony)

O.K. Cupid’s Chokehold (Bukowski۵Bachelors)


Marring My Moon (Scratched Pale Mirror)

Of the Objects И the Mirror (Buried Ạlive N Ü) <BẠNÜ>

Where I Disappear (Y I Am §till Here)

Our Bodies (Sexting∿Secrets)

Calm Before The §torm (Solarbeam Lazers)


Sage of Self Care

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (Basic Babes)


Infinite∞Improbability∿Drive / N2 ∞ §ublimation OF Totality

Focal֎Point (ØИ∃❉฿rain)

[I Ought | Love Wants] 2 (ΛrtØfficial∿§weetener)

Иøthing 2 REMember (4Getting Answers)

Twisted Mystic’s Иü∿Trick (Barbie’s Biker Babe Birthday Bench)

Feeling Nü (♡Love♡4♡Ü♡)

Clockwork Orange Heart


Aliens Like Asuka (Language Barriers)

Willie The Worker

Human Leather Shoes

Real Loss

Nü⌁Zeus (Electro⌁Intro)



REMembering K.I.D.S. (Toy♡§tory♡2)

Nü∿Fool∿Moon §hining (Cutting Clouds)

Golden✿Garden✿Grove (Groaning∿Pains)

Manure City Committee (“Good Enough” Money)

Courage The Cowardly Dog (Whispy∿Wonders)

Juliet Juke-Out (Romeo Reservation)

Multiverse OF Misery (Hylia’s Apology)

Soft✪&✪Wet Machine (Yellow Hazard Profile)

Welcome 2 N§ide∿Öutside⧒Øtherside (Himura|Battōsai)

D’oro Dreams OF Giorno

Øtherside of the §torm (Crazy∿§ane Weather)

Ünderstand I Am, Different (24-Hour Good♡News∞Cycle)