Bizarre Bard

Mutual Empath∃ (42)

Switching Rö1έ§

Cloned Tickets

Whö Do Ü Decree Me? (Bizarre Bard)

Domain & Range

Twilight Kite

Chiral Choir

Kids Coping

Non-Newtonian Fluids

Paladin & Deadwood

Imaginary Collision

Word Gnats

Flying Fists


Biding Time

Divine §ign of Greatness

Crazy Captain’s Escape Pod

God’s Response To Roe v. Wade

Toxic Humility

A Perfect Lie

3 Kids In A Classroom

You Love “We”

Soul Bands In Jojolands

Manic Mechanic & Queen B-Sting

Those Who Know

Liminal Spaces 4 Zipper Races


Drugs Under Prayer Rugs

Loser God Process

The Ünconscious Öbserver (7 Hands)


Break A Leg

Music Is Movement

Zen-Diagram (!L0ÜD¡)

Forgotten Fairy Friend

With Lies – They Rhyme

A Pair Of Pups

Ice Box|Paid Actor Professional|Dress 2 Impress

Command Calls & Phones Fall

Expensive Tea Party

Hell, Oh Well

Fallen Star Grief

Wandering Wonderings

Fast-Food Apocalypse


Strange Cable

Golden Hurricanes

Liminal Lectures


Idiotic Savant

Figures of the Soul

Rainbow Bubbles

Strange Fate

Mosquito Message

Philosophy Glossary

Sinister Soliloquy §hivers

Tired Eyes


Parallel Parabola Paradox

Sloppy Poppy

Marching Metronomes

Golden Gorilla Gong

Numbered Nonsense

the kid§ are playing

Translating Nothing


Land-of-the-Free Lottery

Tick-Tock Tunnel

Bruce Lee ~ Live Free

Like Magic


Aubrey Amethyst

Moe Moe

Copies of Clones

The Red Wasp

Pegasus Picture


Vary Terry

Pleasantly Temporary

Gates Of New Fates

Silent Song Sing Along

Little Caterpillar

Warlock Words

Ordering 3 Eggs

That’s Life|Alone Together

Let My Love Love You


Hostile Neighbors

Squabbling Siblings (Kingdoms of Man)

Spinning Again

Short Lifespans

Aggressively Fair

The Bare Minimum


Which House

Venus Fly Trap


Spreadsheet Artiste

§trange Is §weet

A Bizarre Century