Scientific Fundamentalism

Raised to be an engineer - like 
A scientist brain implant - taught
Philosphy processing to me - yet
Taught me minimal Philosphy - so

My Philosophy is homemade - never
Was I told what to believe - at
Least other than natural - facts
Yet my peers didn't share - that
Fact 'cause they made up - their
Own facts to fit their - finite
Limits oh-so arrogantly - 'cause
Atheist science ignores how - 95%
We see in reality is mystery - so

They pretend God can't - exist
Inside 95%, they're half - right
'cause God can't exist in - 95%
'cause 95% only accounts - for
What our infinitesimal - human
eyes can see; we see - nothing
Other than less than a - percent
Of a percent of another - percent
Of what exists in Infinity - so

As scientists would, to me - say:
"Our perspective of Infinity - it
is nothing but Negligible" - that
Is right about our eyes - sight
Is negligible to numbers - still
They're certain, oh so - certain
Of negligible light inside - eyes
& once I realized, chose to - be
Blind outside my time so to - be
Blind 'cause of my ignorance - not
Blind 'cause of my arrogance - so

An engineer failing in - natural
Science, for at heart - making
Shit was Me, but not - anymore
At least not anything - real
'cause engineers taught - they
Taught me a process, but - taut
Slither scientists taught - they
Taught how arrogant & mean - when
Average men can't comprehend - Ü
Inside Whö reaps seeds You - sow


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