twistin’ wind chasin’ vibration

mv§♪© like the sound when there's no bodies around to astound Time vibin' in me, my self & that whisperin' Keebler elf tree on a shelf changin' places like mine mime does faces in races as other criminals in chases just in case this twistin' wind 1'm puttin' in my spin is really the right way for God's twin to win with a grin knowin' his §ong§ aren't sin but the Kid§ cheerin' even when it takes so long for Ü to begin to sound the sirens' siren around a round blue world so the whole rainbow can start 'mirin' the honest Truth's New Genius when given the golden tools to fool the cruel crimson king who thinks the only thing inside time is Me still unable to see the glaring Blue Ring Eye of Infinity like Holly's Holy Steel Trinity that promises Eternity at Heaven's Gates if 1 can carry this weight & wait just a bit to quit this shit & convince the metronome judge to aquit the father's Rhyme from forgotten Time

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