Golden Soul Detector

Some people are lie detectors & 
They can spot a lie in the moment
Spoken by a foolish You who still
Tries to use words as dirty tools
Like a spade to bury inconvenient
Truth - clear as the night & day
To them & I Am similar - just I
Am not quite clear-cut sniffing
Out bullshit - instead dipshits;

What I Am is the Truth
Detector of the golden
Soul - I'm not able to
Tell You in the moment
Which of the words You
Give Me are self aware
Of the intent meant to
Deceive & conceal what
You feel real or if it
Is just 'cause You had
No Time In§ide my head;

But once You finishes speaking - I
Can go back & read the transcript
You left behind in Me so to see if
The smudges & scribbles are Truth
To a true human fool In§ide of You
& not just a manufactured mistake
Materialized by You like a robotic
Smoke-screen - perfectly imperfect
Yet perfect's oh so obviously seen
Especially when it was none other
Than Me who wrote every trick in
The book Who always has to study
Still when hidden in§ide You & Me

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