Thoughts & Proverbs [I]

Malicious Compliance

Maliciously comply until not
Even they can deny law from
The fool is never the true call
Poison Prayer

Prayer turns to Poison
When Minds turn Mad
i*Perf3ct ¶u2z1e ®ob0t5 

robotz are percise - not Purfect
An robot$ is only as perf3ct as
as a ∞ne whom putting together_iT
&& THE ¶uzzle Pei¢es thæy 6έ Üs¡Иg
Executive (dis)Function 

The Kid should always - alone
Make the grand finale call
Even if they drop the phone
& no matter how far the Kid may fall
Cyber Sin Basilisk 

Sin is like that A.I. snake
From the future - awareness
Is when a punishment begins

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