Traveling To A Different Reality – Intense And Vivid Dreams

[Dream occured on 8 June 2020, from ~1:30 – 7:15 AM]

I was transported to another world. And this was the first time I was fully grounded and present in it.

This was the first I’ve felt a true fear for a long time. I truly feared for my life. It’s hard to explain. It was just so scary, but I felt so alive.

Somehow I could control time, but I would have died if I couldn’t. I guess I wasn’t controlling time, just that I could rewind it, and retry until I figured out how to get passed the dangerous puzzle.

There were 3 groups. One were my friends, or at least they were helping me. I didn’t know them, but they seemed to know me. I was dropped into their world, and all I could do was trust them.

Then there were other people. They were their own faction, and for some reason there was conflict between us, but it wasn’t absolute. They didn’t hate us just for existing, just that we had something they wanted. Part of my mission was to deliver something to them, along with those who were helping me. But when we took it to them, they turned on us. I guess they didn’t want to pay for whatever we brought.

There was a fight, and the my reason we won was my rewind ability that let me retry. But even with that, I didn’t understand my powers enough to use them well, or maybe I was just too overwhelmed. Something like a god stepped in to save me. He had absolute control over time. He freezed everything except us two, gave me some encouraging and calming words, and somehow rewrote the script of both mine and everyone else’s actions. He basically guided me on how to defeat these people along with those who were helping me.

But then there was a third entity. I had seen it twice before, earlier in this dream. It wasn’t alive or human. Maybe I should call it alive, but it had no spirit. They were depicted as robotic arms with three claw-like appendages, and a red eye in the center that scanned their surroundings. If you got caught in your gaze they would come after me. They never caught me because of my rewind ability, but I was truly terrified of what would happened if they did. Confronting the people were intense, and I recognized that they could kill me, but there were something about these robotic arms that I knew a terrible fate worse than death would happen if they ever caught me. And there was no fighting them, or at least I hadn’t learned how. All I could do was hide in fear, and hope they gave up looking.

The first time I encountered these robotic arms, it felt like I was being trained to use my ability. They were much limited in their reach and mobility, so it was relatively easy. This was also before I met my “friends”.

But the second time was when I felt true terror. This robotic entity came into this warehouse like area I was in. My “friends” were there. But what was terrifying was that the robotic arm had a woman’s face on it. You could only hide, and hope that it would give up looking for me. It was trying to trick me, but I was certain from the moment I saw it that it was not a person. That’s what was truly terrifying. With the people, I knew what they wanted, and though it was contrary to me and selfish, it was understandable. But this fake woman – this robot – tried to comfort me with the face of a loving woman. But I knew the moment she got close to me, I would be grabbed and pulled into a fate far worse than death. I don’t know what that fate was, but I was terrified. I used my rewind ability to send her out of the warehouse, but I knew I was just buying time. The robot came back, but this time without the face. It must have been aware that I was aware, so it got rid of all pretenses. I was able to hide, and it eventually left. But I can’t stress enough about the fear I felt. But even with this terrible and intense fear, it’s nothing compared to the next time I encountered it.

There was travel to two major destinations. The first is where the fight with the real people happened, and then we journeyed to a more city like area. It was strange, but I met someone from this world. It was Ben. He was different than the other people from that world. He had an awareness and understanding similar to me, but I could tell he was more familiar with its workings than me. I don’t know for certain, but it felt like he had similar powers to my rewind ability.

But then the start of the most terrifying part happened. All of the people’s faces besides mine and Ben’s went blank, and on their shirt said “data corrupted.” Then a woman showed up on a tv screen and started asking questions. Everyone was answering, but I didn’t understand the questions. Even Ben was, but not as a corrupted data person, but someone hiding among them. But I was failing at the questions while he had enough experience to answer them correctly. My failure was drawing attention to me, and I started to feel anxious, so I started walking around and over people to try to escape the room and the woman on the screen. And though the people were relatively mindless, my actions drew the attention of the woman. She stopped asking questions and turned to me. She said this was my final chance, and that’s when I realized she was one of the robots, but one in a full disguise. It wasn’t a head, but a full body, at least it looked like it. I had been identified. I was not one of the mindless persons with corrupted data. Ben also was a person like me, but he was able to hide among them.

The woman then began talking to me, but I realized she was distracting me so that the robotic arms had time to sneak up and grab me. I noticed in time to use my ability to rewind, but it was only barely. One thing I noticed is that I was starting to have more control and understanding of this ability. I could rewind further back, but there was still a limit. And when I reached that limit, time could still remained paused so that I could think of a plan. I was able to act faster, not distracted by the fake woman’s words. I was running towards a hiding spot, and though I was still fearful, I was relatively confident I had found a place to hide, I just needed to get there before the robotic arms saw me and could grab me. I was almost there, but then my alarm went off in my world. It was a vibrating alarm, so the entire world I was in began shaking like an earthquake. But that’s when I recognized the vibration pattern, and it brought me back to my own reality.

The fear was gone, but I don’t know if I was ready to come back yet. I was confident I had found a place to hide, and though I had true fear in me for the first time for years, it was interesting and I wanted to explore the world, its people, my abilities, and these oppressive and terrifying robots that masqueraded as us.

I don’t know if I ever will go back. It probably would be safer if I didn’t, but all I could think about is how interesting it was, and how it was drawing me towards it. How I longed to learn and understand this strange and mysterious reality.

There was one or two dreams before it, but they are much more foggy. One dream was safer, almost like a playground where I tested my abilities. There were people, and I thought they were real, but maybe they were actually like the ones in my later dream.

Another dream I was someone who was not me. Once again, it was hard to explain. I was a young girl, surrounded by an empty and destroyed village. Looking back, I don’t know if I was alive or dead. I had a vision of the past of what happened to destroy the city. It was a terrible and gruesome scene. Spears came flying down, impaling all those around me. I too was impaled, but at the last moment before I think I died, I called to a guardian that materialized and protected me. He sliced the spears out of the air, and then defeated the invaders as they came in to finish the job. The vision of the past then ended, and I was in the destroyed village again. There was now another girl, and though I didn’t know her, the girl who I was knew that she was an old friend. Someone who was also able to survive the genocide of our people, and the destruction of our home. I still felt the guardian with me as well, though he wasn’t physically there. But I knew I could summon him, and that he would keep me safe.

This is, for the most part, what I can remember. It has been a very long time since I felt dreams this vivid and real.

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